Submitting a Course Proposal

Who may submit a proposal?
MFA Students and faculty may submit proposals for courses and activities. All students who propose courses MUST have a faculty sponsor. Faculty who sponsor a student’s proposal may count hours involved in oversight in their Interim load. Due to the fact that Interim is a mere two weeks in length the number of student proposals approved will be limited to five.

Faculty may also propose to teach lessons or offer coachings or individual meeting times. These times are listed as Lessons on the proposals and in the Course Listings. Lessons must be open to ANY music student, regardless of program.

Graduate students may propose to engage in an Intensive, which is essentially an independent study project.

In order to submit a proposal please follow these steps:

  1. Read any information on this page or on the FAQs page that might be pertinent
  2. Go to the “Submit New Course Proposal” and select “faculty” or “student” proposal.
  3. Please fill out one form for each course/activity you are proposing. For instance, if you intend to run an ensemble and teach lessons, please fill out separate forms for each.
  4. Enter the requested information, making certain to use your CalArts email address. All communication with be sent to this address.
  5. Please make certain to fill out all fields. Add any extra information you’d like us to consider when selecting proposals to the “Comments” field.
  6. FOR STUDENTS ONLY: Please take care when filling out the “Experience and Goals” section of the proposal. This section will be looked at carefully. We would like to know your background or expertise in the topic you are proposing, and we especially want to know what you expect other students will get out of the experience you are proposing. What might they be able to do after taking this course? What experiences will they have had? Five courses will be selected, please take the time to make a compelling proposal.
  7. Click to submit your proposal

Once you have submitted your proposal, it will be ready for review. If there are no pending questions and your course is approved, it will be scheduled and be included in the online registration page. You will be notified when this happens. Your class will then be available for student enrollment.

If you are a student submitting a proposal, you will be notified if your course is approved, and also will be notified of what percentage you may count towards your overall Interim Credit for teaching this course.

Interim Intensives (independent projects for MFA students)

MFA students may elect to engage in independent project work during Interim. Projects may be research or practice-oriented, and are expected to be substantial. Students applying for this option need to make certain to have a faculty sponsor support and/or guide their work.

Hours Required for Interim

Students must enroll in a certain percentage of activity in order to receive a full 1 Unit of Interim Credit. Each course/project will have a percentage of credit assigned to it: .25, .50, .75 & 1.0. The number of required participation hours is listed below. Part-time students may, in some cases, enroll in fewer Interim activities; however, only partial credit will be given for less work, and work will need to be made up in a future Interim session. To enroll part-time, please see the Music Office.

Full-time BFA students: minimum of 1 Credit Unit of activity
Full-time MFA students: minimum of 1 Credit Unit of activity

Half-time BFA students: minimum of .50 Credit Unit of activity
Half-time MFA students: minimum of .50 Credit Unit of activity

Quarter-time BFA students: minimum of .25 Credit Unit of activity
Quarter-time MFA students: minimum of .25 Credit Unit of activity

Enrolling in Interim

Interim enrollment will be conducted on the hub.calarts.edu site, stay tuned for when and how. For those used to Interim enrollment in past years, there will no longer be any forms to fill out and turn in to the Music Office—everything will take place and be available on this site. In the rare instance of a “glitch” with the system or some other kind of problem, please see the Music Office for assistance.

Here is a suggested method for enrolling in Interim:

  • Look through and read the “Read Interim Policies” and the “FAQs” pages.
  • Browse through the Interim course offerings on the hub.calarts.edu site (please note that courses will show up here only after they have been approved and scheduled), and note offerings that are interesting to you.
  • Consult the schedule for these courses once announced, on the posted Interim Schedule grid which will be posted outside the office and on the Hub once Class Signup has been announced for Spriing, and select courses that work with your schedule. It’s a good idea to have a few extra courses in mind so that you can make sure your schedule “works,” and in case any courses fill up quickly.
  • Be sure to select a variety of courses that equal a minimum of one credit unit and not more than 1.5.
  • Once you have selected courses/activities in which you are interested and that fit into your schedule, go to the hub site and follow the usual registration instructions.
  • Please enroll as soon as possible after enrollment begins—some courses may fill up quickly.
  • Once completed, you may view your schedule as in normal registration.

Receiving INTERIM Credit

In order to receive credit for Interim you must:

  1. enroll in Interim courses via hub.calarts.edu.
  2. attend ALL sessions for the Interim courses/activities for which you enrolled, and complete any required work for each course/activity
  3. prepare for and teach all sessions for any course/activity you are running

Miscellaneous—but important—Information

Critical Studies classes will NOT meet during Interim and School of Music courses that receive Critical Studies credit will NOT meet during Interim.

You are required to attend all sessions of any course you enroll in, in order to receive credit for it, unless otherwise specified by the instructor. You are welcome to audit courses for no credit, except in the case of limited space or limitations specified by faculty. Part of the fun of Interim is to “pop in” to various activities and see what else is going on.

Interim is part of the second semester and counts as a full two weeks of the semester.