Interim FAQs

Why do we have Interim?
Currently CalArts’ two semesters are unequal in length—this discrepancy became the seed for an idea to grow that allows modular activities as well as short but intense experiences to come to fruition—this allows for much creativity on the part of the faculty and students, when deciding what to offer and what to do during these two weeks. It is an intense period of new and creative activity!

When is Interim?
Interim takes place during the first two weeks of the spring semester, 8-19 January 2018. It is considered part of the spring semester.

Is it required?
YES. Interim participation is required for all BFA and MFA students. In fact, it’s a graduation requirement.

I don’t really understand what this is. Where can I get more information?
Please read all of the FAQs here, and then proceed to the “Read Interim Policies” page. If you still have questions, please watch for announcements of special information sessions, speak with your mentor, or ask students who were here before to tell you about it. You also can send email to Amy Knoles to ask questions that aren’t covered here.

What is on the INTERIM 2018 website?
The Interim website provides basic information for faculty and students about Interim 2018, and also allows faculty and MFA students to submit Interim Course Proposals.

What kind of courses/activities can be proposed?
Interim is meant to be a feast for everyone. We especially welcome collaborative projects and courses, team-taught proposals, and those that cross programs and other “boundaries.” Topics vary widely and mostly are music-based. However, faculty and students who have other passions and expertise are welcome to submit a proposal that covers that area. Five MFA proposals will be selected to be included in Interim 2018. Proposed courses should be open to as a diverse a population of Music students as possible.

Can students teach?
Yes!Graduate students may propose courses. Please read through the “Read Interim Policies” page for more information, and then follow the information directly below. If your proposal is selected, you will be notified of what percentage of credit toward Interim you will receive for teaching. You must have a faculty sponsor who agrees to assist you in this endeavor.

How do I submit a proposal?
First, please read over the relevant sections on the “Read Interim Policies” page. Then, simply go to the “Submit New Course Proposal” page and follow the prompts. All proposals must be received by 31 October. Submitted proposals will be evaluated and either accepted, denied, or will remain pending until further information is provided.

How do I enroll in Interim classes?
Look through the “Read Interim Policies” page.Then, once open registration is announced, look through offerings @ Consult the posted Interim Schedule grid for class times or note them from the List of Courses. Select a variety of courses that equal a minimum of One Credit Unit. Once you have selected courses/activities in which you are interested and that fit into your schedule, sign up! You might want to have a few options in mind, in case any courses have already been filled. Please note that you must use your CalArts email address to enroll in Interim and view your schedule.

What should I enroll in?
How do I know if I’ve enrolled in enough activities? All Interim courses/activities in the School of Music are open to ALL students. You may enroll in anything that interests you, and are encouraged to enroll in things outside your program. Students must enroll in 1 Credits' worth of activities and ca enroll in up to 1.5 Credits' worth. Schedules usually are made up of a one or two courses, including projects, lessons with available faculty, lectures, workshops, and even, for MFA students, independent studies (called “Intensives”).

Can I just take lessons during Interim?
No. No one will be able to enroll only in lessons. In fact, all students may enroll in a maximum total of .25 Credit Unit of lessons. It is encouraged that you take lessons with someone with whom you don’t normally get to work—with someone who teaches a completely different instrument or is in a completely different field. Why don’t you try something new? There’s no risk involved.

I’ve heard about “Intensives” or independent studies. What’s this about?
Intensives are an opportunity for MFA students to engage in focused work an independent study or project. Intensives cover a wide range of activities. You must have a faculty sponsor oversee your project/study, and you must be on campus during Interim. To be able to propose an “Intensive”, please go to the “Submit New Course Proposal” page and select student project. Under “proposed class style” select “MFA Intensive” and make sure the entire page is filled out. You will be notified if your proposal has been approved, and, if so, what percentage it will be worth towards your Interim requirement.

What about Critical Studies or other classes?
Critical Studies classes WILL NOT meet during Interim. Also, classes in other schools that meet during Interim if you plan on enrolling in such. Music School courses that also receive CS credit will NOT meet during Interim.

Will I receive credit for Interim?
Yes. All students will receive one unit of credit, and Interim IS a graduation requirement. When the time comes, you’ll need to create your particular Interim schedule through the website. If you are a part-time student, please see the School of Music office to discuss enrolling in Interim.

How do I receive a grade for Interim?
Interim grades will be determined based on attendance and if required, completion of any papers, etc.